Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's baaaaaack!

Well this week I made a decision, I was feeling up to doing a real Sip of the Week and that is exactly what I did. Actually, I’m drinking my beverage right now (fancy, eh?). I was hesitant at first, but there are some places I want to try on Athens still, so I figured I need to go out and do it.

Today’s Sip of the Week brought me to the Pangaea International Tea and Coffee Room at the Athens Book Center. I was excited about this place mainly because I always drive by, but never have the time to stop, so I figured today would be a great day.

As I ended Plant Biology class in Walter Hall, I put in my headphones, turned on some music from iPod and made my way to the north end of town to the Athens Book Center. It was a long walk, but well worth it. As I came in the door, I was greeted by an older man, I assume he is the owner, and right away he asked what I wanted. I told him to wait a minute and once I made my decision I told him what I wanted.

I ordered a cappuccino, with one shot of espresso instead of two (still watching my caffeine limits). As the friendly man made my beverage, I took a few minutes to look around. The “coffee shop” is just a little area in the front of the store. Not only can you get coffees and teas, you can also purchase smoothies! Everyone loves smoothies, but since it was a cool day I decided to order something that would warm me up, rather than cool me down. I did notice that if you order smoothies, you have the option for nutritional additives including, antioxidant, bee pollen, multi vitamin, immune blend, soy protein, amino hydrate, whey protein and performance boost.

Photo taken on my cell phone of the "coffee shop" in the Athens Book Center.

While my cappuccino was being made, the man asked me what flavor I wanted, I was just going to say to not add anything, but I knew it probably wouldn’t taste very good, so i said french vanilla. A little while later my drink was made for an astonishing $2.50, and my flavors for today were thrown in for free. Now that’s a deal!

Now, I paid for my drink and had it in my hands, and needed some place to sit. I looked around and found some seating, but It was kind of crowded. Tables and chairs and a few couches surround the front of the store, a little too well. I had my book bag and coffee and to my luck, I almost dropped my cup o’ joe on a guy sitting at one of the tables, but I caught it and made my way to a different table right by the big windows in the front. As I look behind myself out into the street...woah, I am greeted by the butt of a stuffed animal sitting on the bar. Actually there are a few stuffed animals sitting on the bar table that sits along the windows. What if I want to sit there and can’t? I like this place, but maybe the stuffed animals are a little TOO much to be in the front of the store where people are trying to relax with a cup of coffee.

When I took my first sip, I just felt...I don’t know....relaxed. It had been a full two weeks since I had a cup of warm coffee and I have missed it. Coffee has never tasted so good. Weird, considering last week even the thought of coffee made me want to puke.

Well, my coffee is going to get cold soon if I don’t stop writing, so I am going to finish the rest and check out the book side of the store, since this is a bookstore after all. From a distance, it looks like there are a bunch of unique books and I want to check them out. If you’re looking for a unique bookstore in Athens with a coffee shop, the Athens Book Center is the place for you! I think I’ll be back to get a smoothie once the weather warms up a bit.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, don’t drink too much coffee, but try to enjoy a little bit!



Jen Lovejoy said...

Glad you could enjoy a good cup of coffee again! Horaay! You found a unique place--the smell in there is akin only to a local, used bookstore. I love it....

Ashley Showen said...

So glad you've made it back to the "dark side," and glad your first cup back was enjoyable. I always drive by that place as well and have never gone in. I need to try it before I graduate!

allie.laforce said...

Thank you for checking this spot out! I live less than 100 yards away and I have never stopped there. I love that you can add all of the special ingredients to the smoothies. I am always looking for cheep coffee places because I am drinking it so often now! Thank you Trish:)

Patrick Doyle said...

After reading about your adventure I really want to try this place out. And since it's starting to warm up outside I may just have to go for one of those smoothies.

You say you can add bee pollen to them ey? Hm, I think I smell a new post coming on....

Niklos Salontay said...

I've only been there a few times, but I like the Athens Bookstore a lot. It's the only place around that is more about books than textbooks nearby and the people that work there are so nice to ya. Glad you finally got a chance to check it out Tricia.

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